Thursday, January 08, 2015

Petrol Price Dropped. Why isn't the food price?

I were pumping my car petrol when the pump stops at a lower cost than the usual one I seen. I thought the pump faulty, thus i try pump once again. But still pump stop again. Then only i remember the petrol rate has dropped few days back.
Wow.. feeling amazing as this time the differences is quite big. 👍👍
But then, suddenly something comes up to my mind. Always when the petrol rate increased, most food or drink price too increased. This time the petrol rate drop a lot. But i don't see that the food or drinks I paid get cheaper also. It remain on same price..
Seriously??? To be honest, I can't believe and accept it. Is this what we called fair?  Hmm..

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

新年, 新奋斗目标

我那一年一度漫长的假期, 随着冬节, 圣诞节, 2015新年, 就这样结束了。
转眼间今天我又回到了工作岗位, 又要继续为新的一年战斗了。
虽然不大舍得懒散的假期, 但看来也只能把接下来的假期当作奋斗目标了。不然的话要专心工作实在是有点困难。
就由Federal day和农历新羊年开始吧。还有很多大扫除工作呢。

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ending of 2014

Phew.. It's seems like 2014 has been passing very fast. Now that i recall everything was like few eye clips away.
Although the year wasn't going very well. From MH370 incident, til Suluk incident come together with super dry season and now even the last month of the year there's still AirAsia incident. It just won't  let go that easily har...?
Sigh.!! Not sure whether it's due to the last digit of the year. But then, the last day of 2014 will be ending soon. Let's hope the new year of 2015 will bring everyone some luck and peace.
No more bad incident please..
Pray from everyone. 南无阿弥陀佛.. 🙏

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Regain of Positive Energy

It's been quite long for not updating my blog. Well, I'm back. :)

Today was suppose to be a bright Tuesday. But the bright day was totally spoiled by someone's sudden and stupid action. Sigh.. I really didn't see that coming..
Although I'm always cheerful, but today's encounter really hit me a little. I guess I will really have to regain some positive energy to neutralize my feeling. Since I'm about to on leave real soon and Christmas is around the corner, I see no reasons why I should remain bad mood for such minor attacks. 
Please stay strong, Sam. Cheers..!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time flies...!!

Wow..  Is it me that are too busy or is it because the time have passed that fast....
Looking at the backgound of the blog which originally was for the year of Dragon..
I didn't even realized that I have been "hibernating" my blog updates for so long until I recall that it's already the year of Snake and my background was still on Dragon..  

Well, it's ok.. I guess I should probably get myself some times and drop a few sentences on my blogs no matter how busy I am..   Sigh..

Til then.. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


怎么办呢?我的车刚好有铁链, 不如让我托你的车子走吧。 ... 
Lamborgini就这样拉着 Kancil 走。。。。
突然!!! 有一辆 Ferrari来到,Ferrari就一直踩油门显示在"jio"Lamborgini赛车,
Lamborgini 终于忍不住了,他们赛车了起来。。。
他们赛车时不幸被Speed Track拍到,结果抓超速的警察看到。 
警察的上司就说:220km/ j?很正常啦,有什么 好奇 怪的?
警察又说:最恐怖的就是...,Lamborgini后面有一辆 Kancil跟得很帖还一直打高灯叫

Found the article from a friend... Thx..