Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Motorbike Rider

This morning while on the way to work.. There's one motor rider which I really felt like respect as these days it is hardly found to have such type of motor rider anymore. He was driving slowly but no too slow (too slow will caused slow traffic and block), making sure he could stop his bike on time shall there be any emergency issue. Another point to him is he knew he should avoid from driving in the middle if the road so there's still enough space for cars from behind to pass through. Too bad it's on highway otherwise I might stop by to express my respect to him.. =)

70% of Motorcyclist's attitude these days:
  1. Speed like chased by police.
  2. Cut through lanes between cars like they are vulnerable.
  3. Drive at middle of lane in tortoise speed like the road is theirs, even though they notice there'slong queue of cars behind.
  4. They knew car will changed lane at their front and yet they increase speed instead of slow down. I wonder who will lose their life if accident happened?

To motor rider, please secure your life. Think for your love one. It is better to drive safely than sorry. Try and think yourself.