Saturday, September 19, 2009

Recent Disappearance...

I'm finally back to my blog again.. Everyone must be wondering why didn't this Sam add any new post onto the blog.. Well, it was a quite busy month for me on this September. It was a nice month of the years.. 090909 falls in this month.. How nice..

Well I were busy on my car actually. From surveying around until to confirm the choice i have to decide. On what? Well it was on changing my desired new car registration number onto my existing desired car. It was a hard decision as the interchange cost wasn't cheap at all. But then since I've already wet up my hair when i purchase my name plate. Well, what the hell!! Let just do it once and for all.

It was not as simple as i thought it is as it really consumed a lot of time since i could only do it on my off days. I have to spend almost a day for inspection at Puspakom. Then i have to look for some motor shop to prepare the documents for the interchange and also a new motor bike to replace the existing old plate number.

But well, finally it was all over. My car is now officially registered under my name plate. Wah lah...

Done for the car plate part. Pending for the old car transfer part. To be continue... :)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sony or Minolta 50MM F1.4

I was wondering, til when only i can have the chance to own this "night lens". I called it as night lens because it has the ability to capture good quality and bright picture even though the environment is quite dark with it's F1.4. In addition that it can produce pictures with great bokeh.
The Sony 50MM F1.4 is far more expensive compare to the Minolta as stated on the Sony websites. Although the Sony lens look more brand compatible, but i guess I'll just go for Minolta since it has the same mount and price are more affordable compare to original Sony.

But then, i think i could only own this lens after a long while since before this there're still lots of wish list items which i have to obtain.

Some sample pictures by 50MM F1.4 below:~

Thanks Dpreview for picture sources.