Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Funny + Complicated Feeling..

Hmm..   Seems like my last day of long annual leave is already over.., and tomorrow I will have to back to work again. Sigh..!! It's weird, my feeling is so complicated at the moment as it contain combination of heavy feeling, tired feeling, worried feeling, impatient feeling and etc..  It's just hard to describe in details.. 
Perhaps I were so miss this sort of holidays life, which i could spend time with family though not going anywhere but at least spending time together happily... Or is it perhaps that I were so bored with the current working environment which consist of management that I didn't really want but have to accept + the pay which is so low that can't really support my monthly live expenses.. I'm confused..  = ="

No matter how, still have to work tomorrow and wake up early.. 
Guess it's time to sleep.. Good night.. May my wish come true really really soon...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Lunch for Today

My super late lunch for today.. Am suppose to have a famous Sweet and Sour Chicken rice at my company's Bistro but then it was 4.30pm when I am ordering my lunch. In order to save some space for the dinner, so i ordered this Sandwitch Special which is also famous in Bistro. Well then, nevermind, treat this as money saving lor.., since this Dec also is a poor month of mine.

Thanks for reading..

Friday, December 09, 2011

Not Responsible on Other's Mistake

There's this long long time ago, I have encountered a problem in a scenario which I also predicted it's going to get worst soon in future if there's no changes to be made. I have been trying and trying very hard to advise the management to avoid such decision by explaining the consequences but none of them would just listen.

And now the situation arised and everyone come request me to be the assistant in this scenario which is totally out of my job scope while meantime I were overloaded?
I don't think I have a choice but to say, "this is mistake not made by me and I have did my part in advice, they should have aware of the consequences the time they made this decision. So I'm not going to responsible on this. TQ."

In addition is, those who facing the problems now but insist to follow the decision too should have known that they have to take the consequences as...  I did notified them earlier about this.. and they shouldn't be complaining now.

- Thank you for reading.. -

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Bad Mood

Today my mood is quite terrible and bad, really feel like looking for someone and smash on his face to release the anger. Arghhh....!!  All thanks to this Mr. "B" of mine. It is his cowardness which caused all this corruption. It is his so called "style" which raise up not only me but everyone else's anger. It is his selfishness which caused all this cycle not running properly and facing interruption. It is all because of him. 
  • Mad but not dare to scold. 
  • Wants to control others but not dare to let others know.
  • Wants to give intruction but scared of being blamed.
  • Runs away when problems occured by giving excuse "Not his style".
Just what the "F" is this? Is this suppose to be the way on how he manage things??
Though we understand perhaps he is trying to fix things up, but with his wrong ways of handle thing and attitude, I think he will probably get hated by the world before he can even fix a thing.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Misuse of FourSquare

It's been a while that I were planning to post. There's this 1 day when I'm trying to check in on FourSquare as usual. Guess what? There are some places with weird name appears on the list of nearby places, brand new that is. Only thing is I were wondering who is the person who will create such places. There are more than 10 spots which have been created and I can confirm they are from the same person. Why can I be so confirm? Please view pictures below and you'll understand.
Matured person will definitely not create place using such name. Only word I can describe such person is "Innocent". = ="

Most Expensive Accident - 8 Ferrari + Lamborghini + 2 Mercedes Crashes

Shimonoseki, Japan, 4th December. A super expensive accident estimated cost 300million yen (£2.5million) where it involved at least two Ferrari F430s, two Ferrari 360 Modenas, two Ferrari F355s, a Lamborghini Diablo, a Nissan Skyline GT-R and two Mercedes Benz. Upon these cars, only a Toyota Prius hybrid that was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time which is in the lowest cost. 
Some pictures and videos below to be shared. 

Information sourced from DailyMail UK.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Flood at Kajang @ Banjir Kajang - 2nd December 2011

Noticed a news regarding flood happened at Kajang today, 2nd December 2011. Since it's raining terribly and continously almost every afternoon since November, it's really not quite surprise that such incident will happened. Just hope that these terrible phenomenon do not happen as it definitely will caused a lot of lost and even worst it might caused lost of life. = ="
Wish to share some pictures regarding the situation.

Hope that everyone who stays there is safe and everything to be recovered soon. *Pray*

Friday, December 02, 2011

Frustration - Money Not Enough

It's getting more and more frustrated for me nowadays... = ="
Reason? Income which is so low is no longer able to support the daily life nowadays especially with all the price increment which is getting more and more frequent...  While at the other end, my company's annual increment is by standard not much.. And I really mean not much..  Wait for bonus? It's sorry to tell that there's no bonus for my company as it's on KPI basis. Unlike some others company, they have KPI + Bonus to ensure that their employee has enough remuneration and satisfaction. 

I doubt that until when can I obtain a higher pay if I am to remain in the same company for the next few years. 
The situation I'm on currently is similar like "壁虎跳墙". I really don't have much choice but to locate for other way out. 

Wish me luck...!!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

December - Christmas Month

So it's finally December..  Last month of year 2011. Time flies so fast..   One eye clip and it's already end of year 2011. Well, life has to go on..
Wish everyone luck in completing their final / closing task of the year. 

Upon that, December is also the month of Christmas. We can see a lot of Christmas decoration all over the shopping complex everywhere around. 

Hope the environment and mood continues as these days seems like celebration mood is getting lesser and lesser..   No matter is Hari Raya, Christmas or Chinese New Years...   (Shake head)

Hopes everyone cheer up and don't let the celebration and cheerful spirit faded....