Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Coming to Raya..

Wow.. Hari Raya is near by the corner... Though it's no longer as  happening as last time but still we can get the feel when hearing Malay colleagues starting to on leave and head home to their Kampung for the celebration. To be honest, actually I too feel excited as for me it's another long holiday to enjoy. Especially when all the traffic will be very smooth during the holidays... ^^
But then, although it's a holiday for others, sadly it's actually not for me. As I have to get to work in order to replace colleagues who's on leave. Well, I didn't really care as after work I still have my time to enjoy the holidays like others..
In fact, it seems like I have plenty of tasks wish to be done..  Listed as below:
  1. Visits 1U for the nice Raya Padi decoration at the new wing and have some nice photo shots.
  2. Visits Mid Valley for another Raya decoration photo shots (which i've missed last week).
  3. Get myself a new toys for skills / hobby improvement (which may be a dream that can't come true).
  4. Some minor shopping for satisfaction fulfillment and life enjoyment. 
The list isn't long. In fact most of it probably won't have the chances to be performed since my off time isn't that much plus some of it may considered costly. Well, it's just something in my mind to share... ^^

Selamat Berbuka Puasa for everyone on this week days and 
Selamat Hari Raya for everyone at the weekend. 
Also Selamat Memandu masa Balik Kampung..

Friday, September 03, 2010

Kurang Ais or Suam

Some people like to have hot drinks, some like it cold, some like it half cold and half hot, in this case we called it as "suam" in Malay language. Well, I am well aware that having too much icy cold drink is not good for our body, but then I just doesn't like hot drinks as it always sweat my whole body up after that. That's why I always order "kurang ais" which means less ice in English. However, I wish to check how people actually judge one as "kurang ais".  Why did I want to know? The story as follow.

This morning i went to the canteen and ordered for a cup of Teh O kurang Ais for take away. I saw this "Kak" is preparing the drink where she placed half of the cup with Teh O and then half cup of space is for the ice. With such a mixture, the cup has become as Teh O Ais instead of Teh O Kurang Ais as i can see the ice actually filled the whole cup which it will be dam* cold when i drink it. In that case it will be pointless for me to ask for "Kurang Ais". So I told her, "kalau macam tu, ia bukanlah kurang ais..!" She then seems like not really "syok" and said "kalau macam tu, itu Teh O Suam yang you nak..!" while removing some of the ice from the cup. After some ice removed, that's what i accepted as "kurang ice".

What I want to highlight here is, could people actually differentiate what is ice, less ice or "suam"? Whoever knows Malay language also knows that "suam" is referring something not cold and not hot, in this case room temperature plus a little bit hotter. We all can "see" if a cup of water fully filled with ice, it is of course to be called as "ice". So, what do you think less ice is? It is of course mean that one doens't want that much ice but still want it to be cold, that's why called it as less ice. What a disappointing morning. =.=

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Merdeka Genting Trip

On the Merdeka eve, when everyone is either celebrating (beering/partying) at home or gathering at some opening area where Fireworks will appears, I'm at the other hand celebrating it at office as am on shift. But it's actually nothing as it's been long since I last join any group on Merdeka Fireworks celebration. Furthermore, I'll be having my day time Merdeka celebration + vacation with family. Where to? Well, supposedly we planned to visit Cameron Highland. But then as it's quite far and we only have a day, so we head to Genting at last.

Our main objective was just to have some cool air, relax a little bit and to have some fun after stressful work. Unfortunately, it rains before we can enter and parks. Too bad. So we just hang around at the Arcade center and have some slow walk in the "Ice Box". Lastly dropped by at the Strawberry park before head home.

The air wasn't really that cool on the highland until late when we about to leave, disappointing. That's why i still prefer to stay overnight if got chances for the night cooling refreshing air. ^^
Well, although it's not an very exciting trip but still we did relax our weakening and stressful mind a little bit.