Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Coming to Raya..

Wow.. Hari Raya is near by the corner... Though it's no longer as  happening as last time but still we can get the feel when hearing Malay colleagues starting to on leave and head home to their Kampung for the celebration. To be honest, actually I too feel excited as for me it's another long holiday to enjoy. Especially when all the traffic will be very smooth during the holidays... ^^
But then, although it's a holiday for others, sadly it's actually not for me. As I have to get to work in order to replace colleagues who's on leave. Well, I didn't really care as after work I still have my time to enjoy the holidays like others..
In fact, it seems like I have plenty of tasks wish to be done..  Listed as below:
  1. Visits 1U for the nice Raya Padi decoration at the new wing and have some nice photo shots.
  2. Visits Mid Valley for another Raya decoration photo shots (which i've missed last week).
  3. Get myself a new toys for skills / hobby improvement (which may be a dream that can't come true).
  4. Some minor shopping for satisfaction fulfillment and life enjoyment. 
The list isn't long. In fact most of it probably won't have the chances to be performed since my off time isn't that much plus some of it may considered costly. Well, it's just something in my mind to share... ^^

Selamat Berbuka Puasa for everyone on this week days and 
Selamat Hari Raya for everyone at the weekend. 
Also Selamat Memandu masa Balik Kampung..

Friday, September 03, 2010

Kurang Ais or Suam

Some people like to have hot drinks, some like it cold, some like it half cold and half hot, in this case we called it as "suam" in Malay language. Well, I am well aware that having too much icy cold drink is not good for our body, but then I just doesn't like hot drinks as it always sweat my whole body up after that. That's why I always order "kurang ais" which means less ice in English. However, I wish to check how people actually judge one as "kurang ais".  Why did I want to know? The story as follow.

This morning i went to the canteen and ordered for a cup of Teh O kurang Ais for take away. I saw this "Kak" is preparing the drink where she placed half of the cup with Teh O and then half cup of space is for the ice. With such a mixture, the cup has become as Teh O Ais instead of Teh O Kurang Ais as i can see the ice actually filled the whole cup which it will be dam* cold when i drink it. In that case it will be pointless for me to ask for "Kurang Ais". So I told her, "kalau macam tu, ia bukanlah kurang ais..!" She then seems like not really "syok" and said "kalau macam tu, itu Teh O Suam yang you nak..!" while removing some of the ice from the cup. After some ice removed, that's what i accepted as "kurang ice".

What I want to highlight here is, could people actually differentiate what is ice, less ice or "suam"? Whoever knows Malay language also knows that "suam" is referring something not cold and not hot, in this case room temperature plus a little bit hotter. We all can "see" if a cup of water fully filled with ice, it is of course to be called as "ice". So, what do you think less ice is? It is of course mean that one doens't want that much ice but still want it to be cold, that's why called it as less ice. What a disappointing morning. =.=

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Merdeka Genting Trip

On the Merdeka eve, when everyone is either celebrating (beering/partying) at home or gathering at some opening area where Fireworks will appears, I'm at the other hand celebrating it at office as am on shift. But it's actually nothing as it's been long since I last join any group on Merdeka Fireworks celebration. Furthermore, I'll be having my day time Merdeka celebration + vacation with family. Where to? Well, supposedly we planned to visit Cameron Highland. But then as it's quite far and we only have a day, so we head to Genting at last.

Our main objective was just to have some cool air, relax a little bit and to have some fun after stressful work. Unfortunately, it rains before we can enter and parks. Too bad. So we just hang around at the Arcade center and have some slow walk in the "Ice Box". Lastly dropped by at the Strawberry park before head home.

The air wasn't really that cool on the highland until late when we about to leave, disappointing. That's why i still prefer to stay overnight if got chances for the night cooling refreshing air. ^^
Well, although it's not an very exciting trip but still we did relax our weakening and stressful mind a little bit.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

有时想念 之 亚庇的怀念时刻

这几天突然一直想起这首歌(宽容)。。 这首歌有什么特别意义呢? 其实并没什么,只是我听这首歌的时期是我懂事以来第一次和家人到亚庇去玩的时刻罢了。 还记得那时在我爸公司的宿舍住,除了我们还有很多其他的人都在那出入。。 那时的环境超爽的。。 不懂为何。。

但现在大家都长大了。。 父母也渐渐衰老了。。 我都很久没同家人一起去玩了。。 娶得又娶了。。 嫁的也嫁了。。 个人烦恼都多了。。 机会也真是蛮微的。。 更何况父母也没那样的力气去玩了。。

有多想念以前的时刻。。 真希望时刻能停留。。

Friday, August 27, 2010

Raya TRADE-IN Deals

I noticed that there's this promotion advertised on the newspaper stating Hot Warehouse Sales Deal which includes an old gears trade in condition. The price was somehow quite cheap for certain items which i knows. Only that I'm not sure whether the price of the new items is in good price or did they markup the price before discount. It's the same anyway. This could only be clarified after a phone call or direct visits has been made. Since there's one unused old semi pro camera which i might be able to trade in to exchange for a better DSLR, i guess i should get myself a time to pay a visit there soon and check it out before the offers period ends. 

For those who are interested, you may visit their site at Wah Kong.
Thank you.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Maybank Visa vs Citibank Visa

Just now I were trying to pay my TM bill using my Citibank Visa credit card, via Citibank online of course. As you all know, these days TM phone bill and TM Net bill has combined together since years ago if I'm not mistaken. So there's no need to pay the TM Net bill or the phone bill separately anymore. Unless the bills still comes separately, otherwise it will be a "wasting time to do extra steps" action.

You know what, when I attempt to pay the TM bill using Citibank online, the payee list available for payment in Citibank was only TM Net. There's no TM / Telekom Malaysia for option. What a disappointment. 

However, in Maybank2u the available payee list is at least double or more than the number on Citibank Online. (In this case there's no need to ask me why don't I just use Maybank2u instead as I've got my personal reason.)

Citibank is good, but not good enough. There's still room to grow. Will look forward for their improvement.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sri Petaling 的手打版面

今天早上,本来想赏试一下Sri Petaling Esso油站对面的一家面档,据挂牌所说是一家手打版面档。 时间已经不多,所以我和老婆就到煮食处向煮厨order。但他却叫我们先坐下,他待回就过来。。 我们等了蛮久。。看他都写完其他人的order但都还没过来这边。。 开始有点不爽了。。 过去煮食处看看,他还亲自正忙着准备刚order的人的材料(都还没开始煮)。我敢肯定如果我们要吃他版面,至少还必须过半小时才能吃完。。必定大迟到。。算了。。我们没那么多时间等。。 所以最后就换了去旧街场,二十分钟完成了我们的早餐。。

小意见:恕我直言,我们并没赏试到他的版面,不能肯定他不好吃。。 但,他确实有点慢和像是人手不足。如果真的要吃的人。。请确定你们是不赶时间,而且不介意慢慢等才去吃。。 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

豆花妹 - 幸運女神 MV

Because of some people all of sudden i feel like listening to this music. Hmm.. Anyway just share it here a while.. ^^

Prevent Drink Can with Mouth

This is Serious! An incident happened  in North Texas . A woman went boating one Sunday taking with her some cans of coke which she put into the refrigerator of the boat. On Monday she was taken to the hospital and placed in the Intensive Care Unit.  She died on Wednesday.

The autopsy concluded she died of Leptospirosis. This was traced to the can of coke she drank from, not using a glass. Tests showed that the can was infected by dried rat urine and hence the disease Leptospirosis... Rat urine contains toxic and deathly substances. It is highly recommended to thoroughly wash the upper part
of all soda cans before drinking out of them. The cans are typically stocked in warehouses and transported straight to the shops without being cleaned.

A study at NYCU showed that the tops of all soda cans are more contaminated than public toilets (i.e.). full of germs and bacteria. So WASH THEM FIRST with water before putting them to the mouth to avoid any kind of fatal accident. You may consider using a straw or glass to drink it instead. Recommended.

The Boy & The Apple Tree

After i read this short comic, it made me feel like I'm a bad son. Similar time it give me a feel that time really passed very fast when I try to recall all the moment from when I'm still a small kid to become teenager and to now become an adult. All the things seems to pass so fast. It makes me wonder whether is it suppose to be that way. Growing and improving is good. But skipping some happy moment and things that we are suppose to do but miss it doesn't seems to be right. 
Everybody has an Apple tree in their life, 
and is their parents..

The comic only show how fast you get old, but did you try to think on how bout your parents, your family or something around you that get fading days by days. I don't want to imagine how that could be. But all I know is we better treassure every happy moment we got now.. Be happy to the max. Thank you.

Blogger United No More

Recently, after I am back to my blog update again. All of certain that i remember there is one site which I has not been log in since decades ago.. As long as since I last update my blogs. Then I go and type this "www.bloggerunited.com" on my web browser and press enter. Wah lah, the screen below shows up to welcome me by saying the Server not found...
Sigh.., I were unable to load the page no matter how many time I refresh/reload the browser. Wonder what happened. Server down? URL banned? Well too bad, there's nothing much I can do about it except to forget it slowly. =.=" 
Hope one day I could see you appears once again. Bye for now..


我在红番茄读到一篇文章“男人的养生之道”,觉得很不错,所以想在此跟大家分享一下。。虽然爱美是女人的天分, 但我想男人也该懂一点不让自己衰老的太早的秘诀吧。。 ^^
说实在的,我本人并不是很同意第九点。。 因为酒在外国有需要是因为用于暖身,而我国属于热带国家,好像没这样的必要咯。。
  1. 常用剃须刀,年轻5岁半
    • 刮胡子的男人比胡子拉碴的男人看上去年轻5.5岁。皮肤学专家肯尼思·比尔博士表示,刮胡子会刺激脸部胶原蛋白的产生,让皮肤更光滑。
  2. 少吃点,多记点
    • 少摄入点热量有助于减少炎症的发生几率,而发炎会导致人认知能力下降。科学家表示,最好将每日摄入热量减少30%,比如原来每天摄入 2500卡路里,那么最好减掉750卡路里。
  3. 睡眠多,脸不老
    • 长期睡眠不足会加快面部衰老,因为眼周肌肉可在睡眠中眼球快速转动时得到锻炼,而睡眠不足,眼周肌肉就会发生萎缩,留下黑眼圈。
  4. 经常锻炼,年轻10岁
    • 每周进行3小时一定强度的锻炼,可以让人感觉身体年轻10岁。
  5. 口腔卫生,脑子更灵
    • 牙病患者智力明显低于牙齿健康者。其原因是,牙龈出血等问题会导致更严重的体内炎症,造成大脑损伤。常刷牙、使用牙线清洁牙缝、保持口腔卫生,大脑才能更灵敏。
  6. 心跳慢寿命长
    • 想保持年轻,就必须拥有强壮的心脏,让血液慢而有效地流动。来自美国心脏、肺脏和血液学会的迈克?劳厄说:“人的平均寿命是心跳30亿次,若能减慢心跳次数,则可延长寿命。”
  7. 身体胖,老10年
    • 男人身体质量指数(BMI)每增加5个点(相当于体重增加13.5公斤左右),其睾丸激素水平就会下降到“衰老 10年”的水平。
  8. 训练大脑,年轻15岁
    • 做做“脑筋急转弯”等大脑训练题,可以让45岁的人获得30岁人的大脑活力和记忆能力。
  9. 每天一杯酒,活到85
    • 每天少量喝酒(不超过3杯),能使寿命延长到85岁的几率增加97%。
  10. 小时/睡眠;8小时,寿命最长
    • 一项为期22年,涉及21268名成年人的新研究发现,男人每晚睡眠少于7小时,早亡危险增加26%,但超过8小时,也会使早亡危险增加24%。
  11. 维生素A除眼纹
    • 随着年龄增加,细胞循环过程明显减慢,皮肤缺乏胶原蛋白。这在人体皮肤最薄处、厚度仅为0.02毫米的眼部表现得最明显。新研究发现,维生素A有助产生新的胶原蛋白,除皱效果好。
资料从红番茄获取。。 谢了。。

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Taman Midah Road Renovation

Recently last week,finally DBKL has decided to change the lane of the “JAM” road of Midah. Which is in front of the Pasar road only. Though the road is double way, but thanks to those "irresponsible driver" who always double parked their car on the illegal yellow line. So DBKL is now to renovate the road to be a single way road plus changes the parking lot direction a little bit.
DBKL blocked the road in order to start their renovation.
Draw the new direction Arrow on the road...
Preparing paint of parking lot lines...
The other entrance of the road, blocked.. Some clever driver still attempt to drive in..  Sigh... No comments...

However, after the renovation.. I thought the road are suppose to be more smooth as it's now one way only.. But who knows there's still these people double parking on yellow line..  Making no difference as all car still have to stop and long queue to wait for car in front to either wait for car park or junction out.


看到这篇文章。。 但不懂是否每个人都读过红番茄。。 所以想和大家分享一下。。这是一些给喜欢去旅行但又想到宝宝一块去的父母的有用资料。。

  • 携带宝宝平常用的物品。
  • 为宝宝带上遮日帽,以及SPF值≥20的防晒霜。
  • 如果你是开车旅行,一定要有车窗遮阳罩,不但保护皮肤和眼睛不受阳光的伤害,还能避免宝宝过热。万勿把小孩单独留在车内,哪怕是一阵子,以免中暑或窒息。
  • 如果开车旅行,应让宝宝坐在婴儿安全座椅上。千万不要把宝宝的婴儿座椅放在装有安全气囊的副驾驶位置。出发以前,确保汽车婴儿座椅安装正确,安全带也适合佩戴。
  • 如果打算乘搭飞机旅行,最安全的方法就是把汽车婴儿座椅绑在飞机座位上。你也可以让宝宝坐在你腿上,并为宝宝佩戴安全带。
  • 要求通道旁座位, 以方便上厕所或准备温水泡奶走动安抚哭闹的小孩,同时前排座位也可让你快点下机。
  • 如果飞机起落时机舱内气压的变化让你的宝宝耳朵疼,你可以给他喂奶或让他用奶瓶、安抚奶嘴。不是所有宝宝都会耳朵疼, 如果你的宝宝睡得熟,那就不用担心。如果宝宝不舒服了,他自然会醒来或哭闹。

  • 如 果你的宝宝已经不吃母乳了,要记得带上配方奶粉,有必要的话,还要带上晾凉的白开水。你也可以再携带一些瓶装或袋装的婴儿食品。不过,只要不是去非常偏远 的地方,你应该能在当地买到婴儿食品。此外,别忘了带上宝宝用的勺子、碗和围嘴。还要在手提包里装上一些可封口的塑料袋,以随时拿来装脏物,如尿布、脏围 嘴等。

  • 携带宝宝喜欢的玩具,再加上几件新玩具,你可以考虑带音乐玩具、故事书、拼装玩具、或手偶。尽量带那些能吸引宝宝注意力的玩具。
  • 很多带着较大宝宝的父母都用后背式婴儿背带或背巾,大一些的宝宝很喜欢这种旅行方式,同时父母也能一边带着宝宝一边走路或观赏风景。 你也可把手腾出来,用前置式婴儿背包来带宝宝。
  • 在你的尿布包里装一个方便旅途用的换尿布垫,以便在公共场合或飞机上洗手间里没有尿布台时使用。
  • 轻便式推车便于携带折叠,适于旅行使用。如果航空公司允许,甚至可以把它塞进机舱里的行李架上。
  • 如果你需要住到旅店,你也可以带上自己的便携婴儿摇篮,为你们提供一个方便、安全的休息场所。
  • 确认预定的酒店房间里是否有婴幼儿保护设施,如果没有,要记得带上你的宝宝安全用具,比如电源插座保护盖。
如果安排妥当。。 愉快的旅行因该就不成问题了。。

资料从红番茄获取。。 谢了。。

Iphone / Ipod Audio Player

Man, on these days no matter where i goes I can always see these Audio Player with IPOD / IPHONE jack enabled port. What the?? For example picture above, taken from LowYat page listed the audio products which fully for IPHONE/IPOD. Even though the normal Mini Combo Player by no matter Panasonic, Pioneer etc too are into this IPOD/IPHONE enhancement these days. 

Wow, I don't mean to be envy or surprise of some sort. It just that from this we can see how popular is it for the IPHONE/IPOD in Malaysia these days..

But too bad it's not bluetooth files transfer enabled and doesn't support free download-able softwares. Otherwise, who knows i might into the "I" technology too.. ^^

Sunday, August 15, 2010

No Parking Day

Today is Sunday.. A good day for me.. Because i can park my car free at any place on the street side without worry to be summoned by DBKL. It's of course to be advised that not to park the car too obviously illegal which either block the whole road or caused traffic problems to the others road users.

But actually, yes it's free from DBKL summons. But then, some unfortunate area we can see the appearance of these Illegal Parking Fee Collector groups, showing up and start collecting money from driver who parked their car although the area is suppose to be personal shop lot parking or Sunday, a no parking charges day. I wonder why didn't the government or party concerned do anything about this since they have set the public holiday as a no parking day. Possible reason for that, i do not want to discuss here.. But I believe the dissatisfaction on most users are for sure slowly increasing. Just waiting for the time to come only. 

Messages for the party concerned: I believe most driver would not want to argue with the Illegal Collector as they do not want anything to happen on their beloved car when they are away after the parking. As you see, there's this "illegal" word on their names. If you get what i mean. Therefore they will only plant their hatreds on the legal party who are suppose to be responsible.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nice Ride

Few days back I with my family went to 1U and I saw this "nice ride" in a toy store.. I'm not sure whether others feel the same as me but for me, this is a nice design as it's much similar like the Cloud Strife's ride in the Final Fantasy Advent Children movie. Which the ride is not realistic to be available on the road in present, especially with the double tyres design.

I'm seriously hoping to see one real bike of this type if there are chances.. :)

Lovely Baby Caterpillar

I discovered a lovely moving object today when I'm heading to get myself online... Yup, as seen in the pic.. It's a baby caterpillar.. Ain't it cute..? Well, although it's considered as a kind of dangerous insects on its current stage, but I think it deserved to live til it become a nice butterfly. So, i didn't kill it. Instead I help to migrate it to a better natural place where it suppose to belong to..  Stay safe, little one..

Back to the Blog..

Ya.. I somehow knew that I'm abit moody in blogs update.. Especially when it takes me months or half year then only I feel like wanted to update my blog again.. Well, I think it should be ok anyway as I'm not that famous whom everyone is eagerly to follow up and catch my thought of the day also...

P/S: Actually I'm kinda puzzled on whether I should post out the time to time feeling as actually it's somehow against the privacy and one's safety.. That's actually hold me from daily updates..  ^^