Monday, August 24, 2009

Sen Heng - TAK NAK!!

Well, suppose I have never thought of doing this as i were trying to give chances to this Sen Heng to solve the issue before we get really really mad. But then, the only thing we got at the end was more and more disappointment, sigh. They left me no choice.

The situation was, my family in law has bought a Compaq home PC from this Sen Heng 2 years back. At that time, in order to get the sales, they have promised my father in law this and that. My FIL even top up for the extended warranty which they claimed sure won't have any problems on warranty. Then start from few months back around June, my younger brother and sisters in law experienced trouble on PC halted during usage and the PC was no able to be turned on until it has totally power off for at least 1 hour or at most few hours. The PC was then sent to Sen Heng Taman Connaught branch to claim for warranty and to request to check on the problems. After 3 weeks time, the PC finally come back after we keep calling to check on status. At first the PC was able to be used normally. Until July, the system start to crash again. This time the PC was totally hang and never able to turn on again after it was turned off. Again the CPU was send to warranty at the same branch. Because the CPU can't even reach the Bios, therefore we suspected it was the motherboard faulty and request to replace with a new one. And the good service start from here. We give Sen Heng a call after 2 weeks to check on status, they informed the CPU still haven't fixed, nevermind. After few days, we call them again on Friday night, they claimed the service department was closed and they can only check the status for us on Monday. And guess what, on Monday the phone was unreachable all the time until someone get the phone call, they said the person in charge was out for dinner and they will get him to call us back when he's back. We waited, no one has call back. Til we try to call them again, the phone has returned to "unreachable" status again. WTF!!

After 3 weeks, my FIL went there himself to check. They lied to him claiming that the CPU has been fixed but just no one to collect from the warranty factory only. However, 2 days later they informed that the CPU still not yet fixed when we call them. What a liar. And you know what, today they informed my FIL that the CPU has been missing and they ask is it it has already been collected by me. WTF!! You know what does that mean, that means they never even bother taking care of the warranty items securely.

So conclusion is, to whoever thought of buying products from Sen Heng, please cancel the thought as you might regret later when you face the situation like us.
Sen Heng Tak Nak.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Next Target - The Beercan 70-210 F4

Since my wife and I have already obtained our main target in the wish list. Guess it's about time for myself to get back to my photography line. Long ago, I have been recommended by a LYN members, Albert on one of the very great lens for my Alpha. It's called the beercan.

The Minolta Beercan

Although it's not a Sony lens (which is so expensive), but it is far better than some of the current Sony lens since it already have most of the standard and common features required by a photographer. Especially when it can be obtained with a reasonable price.

Beercan on a Sony A700

Also I should thanks to my brother for for spreading the poison at me as he's too going to receive his beercan very soon.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting Malfunction At Night

Just read an email from my member, found another miss-out on work. Sigh, caused it was on my shift.. How could that happened? I am so pissed-off on myself this time. From the time I join the company til now, I could little by little start to felt the changes in me, then changes on my body. I'm getting more and more tired especially working on night shift.

Last time, i use to able to stay awake whole night no matter by watching comics, surfing or what so ever thing. However, day by day my energy at night has started to drain, just like power on a battery. Reason?? Mainly because after the night shift, I never sleep. Not like other members, they can sleep all day long refilling their energy before continue for the next night shift. I just can't fall a sleep on day even though how sleepy I were. Pity me.

I knew for sure my body won't be able to stand on with this situation continue. Must figure out a solution for this., no matter for myself or the company.

A night view in my company

Monday, August 10, 2009

So Pissed Off with Mudah...

Been trying to post on the Mudah to sell off my car.. It's really sh*t that my ads kept being refused with reason saying that my ads violates their rules.. In fact, I've checked that there are nothing else that could possibly violates the rules.. Not even my car pics as it's originally from myself. D*mn fedup.. I might just better to post it on Autoworld instead of Mudah...

Mudah Ads redused.. in the other words it may be read as "iklan mudah direfused". :D

My Starting of the Day (Monday)

Today is the blue Monday again for most of the working generation. I am lucky cause today I'm still on my offday., before I start work again tomorrow. :) After sent wife to work, I start my day with a Western Breakfast Set at Oldtown Kopitiam at Sri Petaling.

As the food as been 80% digesting in my stomach, so the only thing i can capture is the Kopi O ice which comes with the set. Haha... Frankly, i prefer to Black Tea ice more.. Have a nice day..

Thursday, August 06, 2009

One Day at Customer Station

Today, i'm going off to be stationed at a different office which belongs to customer. Each and every one of our member will have to station at this customer's bunkers one at a time within a month.

Since the customer building is located at KL, once again i'm going to KL again after a very long period in months i guess. Of course, my remote station mission has started since last month meaning that last month is the first time i'm at KL again after this long period. :)

When i were out for lunch, i passed by to this nice building in KL, the Menara Maybank. So decide to grab a pic and post it in here. Til then i think i'll only be here again on next month.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Re-watch of Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen

Finally, i got the chance to watch a movie with my wife yesterday after 1 years plus i guess since the last time we watched movie together. You see, we hardly got the chances to watch movie together anymore as of busy working life plus babysitting of our babies during the remaining free time.

For the rare chance we have for a movie. We choose the one that attracted us the most - "Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen". It is lucky as the movie still on cinema and we actually make it on time to watch it. :) This was my second time to watch the movie again. Never felt boring at all and it still still as exciting as the first time i watched it.

Well, now i am only waiting for the movie to be ready for collect. If you get what i mean. If still got chances and the movie still on cinema. Probably will consider watching for the 3rd time. Cheers..

Monday, August 03, 2009

Office Seats

The following information was not suppose to be exposed but well, just to share a bit of the assets. My office currently has 6 chairs. Out of the 6 chairs, 4 are shown in the pic below. As it is clearly shown, the chair on the most right is the normal chair in good condition. On the most left, the back holder of the chair was actually damaged, which it's going to be similar as the 2nd left chair after the back side is to be removed to prevent from anyone get hurt for sitting on to the chair accidentally.
As for the 2nd right chair, it looked quite normal except for the hand rest holder which has been stickered with green sellotape. It was taped as part of the sponge layer of the hand rest was actually "cleared off" by someone. Causing the the inner sharp metal to expose and believed to have probably hurt the chair users several of time.

We don't have much choice but to continue using the chair as we do not know until when the chair would be replaced. *Pity*

Sudin's Favorite Car Arised

Dan informed his favorite car was suppose to be a Honda City. For me, it's a good car as it has the best fuel saving record. However, i don't quite interest on the design of the Original City as it gave me a sort of "empty" feeling. I do not know why. It's just my first impression towards the car. There are many body kits on the market trying to fit up the car so that it will looked better. But not much of the choice actually succeed. Not even Honda's modulo.

Until one day i come accross a City with mod below.

The skirting actually fitted the car just nice with no "inner empty" feeling. With the 16" / 17" sport rim. Ngam ngam ho.. Now this is what i called a good looking City.

Worst Traffic Jam

On 20th July 09, I have experienced one of the worst traffic jam ever within these few years. I was on the way to office. Because traffic condition of Cheras - Bdr Tasik Selatan - MRR2 route is not quite good, therefore choose to take the Cheras - Damansara - Federal route.
Never expected after come out from the toll, the nightmare started after I saw the scenario of the pic below.

The traffic was really terribly slow. Took me almost one hour to reach office. Were lucky cause after took the junction to Seremban Highway, the traffic become so smooth. Otherwise probably another hour to jam on the road. *Relief*

Attractive Car Near Company Area

Found this car outside of my company's back gate. Yes, it's a Mitsubishi Lancer. A nice car it is. And it's one of Ed's favorite. Perhaps few months later it will appears at our office as Ed has bought one. :)

Hunting for My Sacrifized Titanium Casio Replacement

After the Pulau Redang trip. I have faced a sad time as I've lost my beloved Titanium Casio watch which has been with me since i start to work. Unfortunately there's no way i can get it back from the Clown fish under the sea. Therefore i do not have much choice but to look around for a replacement for my beloved watch since time is very important for a person.

Visits a shop at Leisure Mall Cheras and found these watches. Not titanium, but the shape quite match to my requirement. However, i did not purchase it as i believe i should be able to get a better watch with that price.

After took few days to survey. I finally found one watch that interested me, a Seiko. Although the price is abit costy compare to the Casios above. Well, hope out "extra" allowance will be here soon so that i can fill up the debt for the new watch.