Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pending Task to Do

It seems like there's many thing waiting for me to do which I didn't even manage to complete at once. For example, I were suppose to post a paragraph of opinion regarding my lunch today. But then, I have just too many other things attached which doesn't allow me to actually blogging for the time being. Ending up I'm posting this shot paragraph at hour like this. = ="

I guess I'll have to wait til I've settled everything only I can concentrate here.. (Actually there've never been ending for my pending task, new task always comes when old one cleared). 

Wish me luck....!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Last Month of 2011

It's been another while since I last update my blog. Seems like I'm so busy on this year. But then, talking about what have I achieved this year.. I would prefer to remain silent.. :)
But then, when it comes to almost end of the year, all I know is there 2 main task to complete. House cleaning before 2012 Jan and my future hunting task..
Wish me luck...