Wednesday, November 19, 2008

10% Toll Discount. Good / Bad?

"Starting Jan 1, private cars using the North-South Expressway and the North-South Central Link will enjoy a 10% discount when travelling between midnight and 7am. For travel during festive seasons, they will get a further 10% reduction on travel on selected days if they used the expressways during the same times."

The situation here is, yes it's great to have discount as every one love discount and save money. But then, I believe everyone knows that most of the road blocks by Police / JPJ is held in midnight. Some link can even have few road block in the same route not far away. Haha.. They can simply stopped you to invite you to Police for question if they suspect you are drunk or DADAH carrier. There goes a night in Police.

Furthermore, also have to make sure your windows tinting is in "good condition", light is not HID ultra white, modification is in acceptable level, not speeding and etc. Otherwise, you might able to save a bit Toll charges but have to pay lot more Saman.

So, all of you can think thoroughly on this. Unless you are a very very good driver then need not to worry that much. Good luck.

View here for more details
Thanks TheStar for info.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Night at Office

Well, there's this day when I were leaving office around 9.30pm which I found that there's no guard inside the guard house to release the gate for me to go out. I approached the small room trying to check whether i can activate the release button myself but the door and windows were locked.

After some observation, i notice that there's some Coconut cut decoration been placed onto the door which it has not been placed last time. As i heard coconut decorative products is famously used to clean up "bad luck" and so as to keep "dirty things" away. Not sure how trus it is.

Then i noticed suppose there are windows all around the small guard house room, but found only the Windows facing the back (which is Jungle and quite dark in the midnight) was 80% sticked with magazines seems sorely to cover the window so that no one from outside can look into the room from the back window or perhaps it's more like to reduce the feeling that someone or "something" is staring at you from the back window.

Last time i felt quite unhappy whenever i and my colleague wish to go out for a drink during night shift and the guard was not around, causing us to wait for some time as for them to move from front gate to the back. But now that i saw all these situation, I will start to imagine and getting to understand how it feels when the guard is alone in the guard house with all windows on each wall, quite some distance away from the office building, with freezing temperature and surrounded by dark Jungle on the back and right side.

I now understand their feeling and no more mad with them whenever they are not at the back guard house after 12am. In fact, my whole shift colleagues should be glad as they have 2 person accompanying each other during night shift and that they are in the big warm IOC which has no windows and located inside the building. :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nokia Xpress 5800

Nokia finally come out with a touch screen mobile set after the long wait.

For more details, refer to
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

I'm back..

Well, it has been a very long while since i last updated my blog or add new post. I'm back now, finally.

It's been quite a busy and also lazy time for me.
Busy in term of babysitting my beloved daughter, Chloe.
Lazy in term of doesn't feel like cracking head and brain to figure out what to write in new post.

Well i believe i should hold myself up again and reactivate the spirit of blogging and online. Til then. See ya all.