Thursday, January 08, 2015

Petrol Price Dropped. Why isn't the food price?

I were pumping my car petrol when the pump stops at a lower cost than the usual one I seen. I thought the pump faulty, thus i try pump once again. But still pump stop again. Then only i remember the petrol rate has dropped few days back.
Wow.. feeling amazing as this time the differences is quite big. 👍👍
But then, suddenly something comes up to my mind. Always when the petrol rate increased, most food or drink price too increased. This time the petrol rate drop a lot. But i don't see that the food or drinks I paid get cheaper also. It remain on same price..
Seriously??? To be honest, I can't believe and accept it. Is this what we called fair?  Hmm..

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

新年, 新奋斗目标

我那一年一度漫长的假期, 随着冬节, 圣诞节, 2015新年, 就这样结束了。
转眼间今天我又回到了工作岗位, 又要继续为新的一年战斗了。
虽然不大舍得懒散的假期, 但看来也只能把接下来的假期当作奋斗目标了。不然的话要专心工作实在是有点困难。
就由Federal day和农历新羊年开始吧。还有很多大扫除工作呢。