Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If you don't understand what i means, please don't pretend as you understand

Though that I'm not an expert nor professional in car, but at least I'm not an Idiot or dummy who can't even differentiated whether the noisy sound from the car engine when it starts is cause of "engine not warmed up" or any other reasons lor..

I have drove my cars for years, i knew how the engine sounds like when it's not yet warmed up. And i will also know if the engine sound is showing abnormal status. So, if i said the sound is not "engine noise when it's not warmed up", it means it's not the "engine noise when it's not warmed up".

STOP treating me as a dummy who don't even knows how to refill battery water. I straightly will not TOLERATE nor RESPECT those people who treat me as an Idiot.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Becareful when at ATM during these CNY period

Today when i sent my Auntie to ATM. There's some strange senario happened. After my Auntie went into the ATM room, i saw that a black guy came out from the ATM room. He get into his car and drive. Strange thing is he only move his car something like 1 or 2 metre to the front only, then he got out from his car and went back into the ATM room again. I noticed that as his car was behind mine.

Then after this fella went into the ATM room, I've observed him long enough from my car (parked in front of the room only) where he doesn't seems to be withdrawing any cash nor deposit. Even after another customer who performed his transaction and went out, this "dark fella" still remain in the room doing nothing. In fact, I noticed he was somehow peeking on my Auntie's ATM screen. In fact, my Auntie was a little too long on browsing the ATM screen without any transaction where that may have become the reason where he have no choice but to get out from the room to avoid from being suspected.

The time he came out, I could almost confirm that he has suspicious intention in his mind when he was looking around observing whether anyone alert to his every movement or not. How come I so confirm on that? Because his face expression changed when he noticed I was staring at him inside my car. There were 2 more "dark friends" of him entering the ATM room after he noticed my existence, have a few words with them and he gets into his car and left. 

Luckily my Auntie came out few moments after they enter the room. Safely.

Lesson: Try to have friends or members accompany when going to any ATM during this celebration seasons. And please be alert on surrounding.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year

 Wow, I can't imagine how long have i not update my blog.. Since the Hari Raya of 2010 til now. Phew....!!
Never the less, I'm back for now.. , to have some minor update on the my blog..

As you see, it's a new year now.. 2011 the new year of Rabbit... To be honest, in  2010 there isn't much changes achievement from me as planned. Hopefully this new year of the Rabbit will bring me more luck and better improvement on my life status. 15 days more to reach the Chinese New Year. There are much to do. 

Stay tune for my coming update.. ^^