Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rich Car Detected at Sri Petaling

I know, Ferrari are most people's dream car as whenever it goes, it will surely attracts people's eye sight. This yellow Ferrari was one that attracted mine when i were waiting for my wife in the car while this yellow shiny car just shows up pass by in front of me. Lucky that i were able to grab my phone and snap a shot of the car on time. Though it's not the latest famous model, but still it's a Ferrari, where i consider it as a rich car. Why rich car since it's an old model and the selling price should be not really expensive? Cause it's a Ferrari, and the cost of maintaining a Ferrari is not cheap at all, not even on it's annual road tax renewal. Buying an old model Ferrari may be affordable but servicing, repairing and replacing parts might be the other way round.
At least it's not as affordable as like Toyota, Honda or Mitsubishi. :)

More pics to be top up later....

JOM List Your Roadtax

There's this day where I were waiting for my family beside the Leisure Mall Cheras, I saw a car parking beside the place where I'm temporarily parking my car. The car actually was nothing special to me except one thing which attract my sight, which is the car's road tax. If you could see as shown in the picture I post, there's actually 5 or 6 road tax stickers sticked on his main windscreen. Do you know what's that means? Each road tax represent one year, means there's actually 5 or 6 years of road tax on his windscreen since there's 5 or 6 peaces of road tax. Well, actually this was none of my business as the owner might like it as decoration of some sort or wish to show other's that he/she has been with the car for 5 or 6 years already.

But if it's for my personal point of view, it might be decorative, but it's really not a good idea as the line of road taxes has actually took estimated roughly around 10% of the of the windscreen width space and is consider to be blocking the view of the driver. This may caused accident, especially to motorcyclist.

Whether you agree or not, this is just my humble point of view. Have a nice day and let hope no accident will ever happen. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Night Event

Saturday, a enjoying night that everyone would be hanging out with friends, gather with family, yam cha, party, barbecue. But not for me, as I'm now sitting in front of the PC which is located in the office of my company. Yes, I'm working now. Haha.. On my night shift tonight.

Working at a Saturday night is one thing, another thing is there's a special happening task tonight in our company. There's this TNB planned power shut down maintenance where all the engineers and bosses are back to company to standby if the event have problems.

But lucky that the planned events was quite successful. Only that the event will carry on until tomorrow morning 9am which means I and another colleague have to be extra alert in case any problems occurs during the night. Pity us cause tonight will be an unsleep exhausted night for us. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Awaken by Nightmare..

D*mn.. Now is 3.15am. What am I still doing here in front of my PC? Well actually I were waken up, waken by a nightmare i had just now. My whole body can just shocked up while the mind can just awaken straight all of sudden without the sleepiness feeling which normally everyone would have.

The nightmare was not like those scary killing or being chased one, it's actually just some normal thing happened in real life where it's so surprising happened where you could just stoned for a while. The nightmare was about me having a happy vacation moment with my family along while driving, it's so weird that I drive up to a hill with lots of road which was connected strangely where it could have a 1 to 3 meter huge hole gap in the middle of the junction. Eventually I have drove drop into one of the the huge hole where the feeling was so real. Man... what a dream.

Well lucky that I'm started to yawn again now.. Guess i could continue to my bed and return to sleep again. It's now 3.40AM already.. Good night..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Poor Month..

This month will be a very poor month for me as there's no extra cash for me to expense at all even for makan-makan. WT!! Reason why is just because of 3 MC that i took on half end of September. I lost few hundred RM just because of those MCs, and worst case is it take immediate effect on my monthly expenses on this month. Sigh...
Really 鸡毛鸭血 I can say.. That's why there's no choice already. I got to find some other way to get extra income or else I'll be continue to suffer like this.. Sob sob..

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Why cut? Kenapa Potong??

Few days ago i read a post from my comrade in related with "why potong". The post was about why to potong the TM wire when it is still the best service ever. In fact, i do agree with him on the idea.

On my post here, I'm to share a bit of my personal experience on the famous so call "still haven't potong ar?" wimax service which can be heard and watched on no matter radio station or TV nowadays.

For your info, since I'm posting this I'm sure you all would know for sure that I'm still a wired user. Hehe.. My family in law is the one who have subcribed to the P1 wimax as they prefer not to have trouble on laying cable as they do not have any TM account at the moment. They subcribed to a 1.2Mb package and were so happy as thought of finally have internet access at home. However, after few months the speed has dropped from 1.2Mb to 0.22Mb only now. Not even 50% of the speed is being used. Imagine how perfect is the service.

We did complained to the Helpdesk regarding the problem. What they feedback was the P1 station was quite far from the modem which was placed at the back of the house. Ok. So I've pulled a cable long enough to connect the pc to the modem which is now placed just beside the front windows. And guess what's the result? It's still the same, achieved only 0.22Mb speed on orange signal.

My home which is using wired Streamyx on 1Mb package is far more faster than this 1.2Mb P1 package now. My streamyx speed was minimum 0.7Mb on the worst situation where it's also due to international submarine cable problems.

Man, how could you expect people to use your service anymore with this sort of quality and also excuse of station placed too far. I mean, if that the case, I would suggest you invite only customer which live within 10 meters range from your station and not those live further.